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Political system:
Federal republic
Capital city: Berlin
Total area: 356 854 km²
Population: 82 million
Currency: euro
Official language: german

Discover Germany

From the North Sea to the Bavarian Alps, through the Rhine Valley, "Saxon Switzerland" or the Black Forest, tourist sites abound. And then the big cities like Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne and Munich with their great museums are each worth getting to know. Backpacker holiday or touring with Michelin? One guide is not enough to discover the cultural wealth of Germany. We offer an even wider choice of guides and maps in the German travel bookstore.

German guides and maps

To find regional guides and detailed maps for hiking or cycling for the 16 federal states of Germany, the German travel bookstore offers an infinite choice. You'll also find guides for camping and caravanning for each region as well as other European countries.

German cities

Find a wide selection of maps of Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and other cities.

Hiking and biking

If you are looking for other guides and maps for hiking and biking, please e-mail us giving as much detail as possible on the destination. We'll try to find the documents you need. Germany Travel Bookstore.