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Political system: Republik
Capital city: Dublin
Total area: 70 000 km²
Population: 4,5 million
Currency: euro
Official languages:
Irish, English

Discover Ireland

This small island reminds us a bit of a certain Gaulish village that resists the invading Romans. In the country, old traditions are preserved and warm hospitality awaits you. Mainly in the west of the country, in Kerry, Connemara and Donegal, the Irish language is still spoken.

Ireland cities

The capital Dublin has become a lively centre for young and not so young people, but you will not be short of distractions either in Galway and Cork.

Hiking and biking

Ireland is an ideal destination for hiking. Undulating landscape interspersed with shimmering lakes. It seems that it sometimes rains. Equip yourself accordingly. Cycling is also becoming increasingly popular and it's quite easy to hire bikes. We would draw your attention to driving on the left and the narrow country roads.